Event Park Amsterdam is a collective initiative by the conference and events industry in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and focuses on attracting and facilitating international (business) conferences and events in this municipality. As an independent consultant, the Convention Bureau assists prospects clearly and transparently in their search for one or more suitable hotels, meeting locations and/or suppliers in the Haarlemmermeer area. In addition, upon request it provides support during the initial planning and organisation phase of a conference or event in the events region of Haarlemmermeer.

The affiliated partner companies offer a service package, either individually, or in close collaboration with the Convention Bureau or one or more other members, to ensure a successful conference, meeting or event in this region. The partners are those companies who are located in Haarlemmermeer, and who provide event or conference related facilities or services within Haarlemmermeer and beyond.

Regional cooperation

The Convention Bureau maintains cordial links with both its own and the surrounding municipalities. The bureau is of course available, when needed and possible, for collaboration across other regions. Unity is strength, after all!

If you are located in Haarlemmermeer and would like to become a partner, or if you are interested in another form of collaboration, then we invite you to get in touch with us.