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Continews is a passionate company. We enthusiastically work on stories about our clients to put out a newsworthy story every month. We are focused on monthly results and we have an analytical approach. We know how to turn research findings and data into PR that works. We don't believe you need to devise complicated plans before you can start generating free publicity.

  • PR specialist
  • Real stories
  • Free publicity


We are a team of enthusiastic people with experience in journalism. We constantly monitor developments in the organisations we represent. We link these developments to journalists within our network who publish about them. We then link these developments to the topics the journalists within our network work on. This is how we connect these worlds.

Target group

We make news for proven sustainable brands. This is visible through certification or a mission statement showing that the steps taken have a positive effect on the environment.


By linking developments to journalists. When fact-based journalists make real stories about developments at your organisation, those stories are many times more valuable than advertising. We make news about trends, collaborations, analyses from sales data, user data and supplement this with market research among the target group. We offer this information as actionable content directly within our network of journalists. They use this to produce content relevant to their -and your- target audience. By being visible to these journalists every month with relevant and useful content, we become a source of information from which they and you reap the benefits. In this way, together we make the world a little more sustainable.

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