Welcome to Haarlemmermeer!

Haarlemmermeer is the official name of Event Park Amsterdam. Haarlemmermeer is located right in the centre of the Netherlands, at an average elevation of 6 metres below the Normal Amsterdam reference Level (NAP), within the triangle formed by Amsterdam, Haarlem and Leiden - in the heart of the Randstad and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (MRA).

The original Haarlemmermeer was drained between 1849 and 1852 to protect Amsterdam and Leiden against the water.

The municipalities of Haarlemmerliede and Spaarnwoude and Haarlemmermeer merged on 1 January 2019, as a result of which the municipality is now partly outside the Haarlemmermeerpolder. The municipality consists of 31 residential areas (towns, villages and hamlets). These all have their own characteristics, icons and properties. 

Schiphol Airport, our national airport, which is located in Haarlemmermeer, connects the Netherlands with the world. A total of 104 airlines land on our magnificent polder each week, arriving from 326 direct destinations in 98 countries. From Schiphol it is just 4 minutes by train to Hoofddorp. As a prime port of entry, Schiphol is of significant economic importance to the region. More than 65,000 people work at the airport and it is home to around 500 different businesses.


Apart from the fact that Haarlemmermeer is a great home base for visiting the surrounding historic cities, there is much more to enjoy here, both for (inter)national leisure tourists and for business visitors.

Municipality Haarlemmermeer is a remarkably green, spacious and easy to reach municipality, where you can engage in outstanding sporting and leisure activities, or just dream some time away on the many lush waterfront areas. The region also has a very varied range of splendid modern and professional conference and events facilities for the organisation of a wide variety of public events and business meetings. In addition, the region now boasts 46 international hotel chains, a number that is set to grow over the next few years.

It offers all levels of comfort with something for everyone. A maximum of 20 minutes away from the surrounding major city centres, in the middle of the countryside but easy to reach, Haarlemmermeer offers a very attractive alternative to the often busy larger cities with their higher costs.

Discover everything you can experience in the bustling Haarlemmermeer Area!

Circular society

The Haarlemmermeer municipality aims to promote an ideal quality of living, working, home life and learning, while increasing competitiveness, through the circular society. Haarlemmermeer works closely together with the business world and the other partners in the Amsterdam metropolitan region, the Amsterdam Economic Board and with famous institutions of learning such as Arizona State University. Haarlemmermeer was also the first municipality in the Netherlands to become a member of the Circular Economy 100 platform of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Haarlemmermeer’s ambition is to become and remain the leading circular Hotspot in the Netherlands.

Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA)

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Region is the collaborative association of the North Holland and Flevoland provinces, 33 municipalities and the Amsterdam transport region. In this collaboration, each municipality and sub-region contributes certain qualities that strengthen the whole. The power of the AMR lies in its diversity: from economics to urban development and landscaping.

The metropolitan region includes a varied area, and stretches from IJmuiden to Lelystad and from Purmerend to Haarlemmermeer. The region includes two airports, sea ports, the financial centre of the Netherlands, the flower auctions at Aalsmeer, Media Valley and clusters of creative businesses. In addition, the region is famous for a number of attractive historic cities and a wide variety of landscapes.

Enough opportunities and possibilities for the planning and organization of your conference, meeting or event!