19 mei 2020

Hoofddorp – The old building next to the original C-Bèta barn will be rebuild and remodeled into a half-open, half-closed office space which will increase the availability of workplaces at C-Bèta and in the surroundings of Schiphol Trade Park. Well-isolated pods will be placed on top of one another inside the renovated building, to secure private spaces. The formation of these office spaces is initiated to create an inspiring ‘playground’ with rental units for startups and scale-ups in the field of circularity.

C-Bèta is an easily accessible and highly sustainable meeting location in The Valley (the central innovation area of ​​Schiphol Trade Park). The circular convention barn is expanding its conference space in order to be able to house more companies in need of a small office space.

C-Bèta is situated in an old barn that has been circularly refurbished, meaning all materials used to refurbish were either recycled or can be reused. Also, the barn uses all kinds of sustainable ways in order to support their convention rooms. An example of this are the infrared lights that have been installed to regulate the temperature in the various areas. Currently, this inspiring meeting location features two small greenhouses under its roof, which people can use to organize a meeting or event. Next to that, there is a bigger event room referred to as Expo, in which larger groups can meet for presentations or exhibitions.

Specific information about the venue