11 juni 2020

During the past few months, all restaurants and bars in The Netherlands were closed in line with Dutch government regulations in order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. The 1st of June was a celebratory day for all restaurant and bar owners, because they were allowed to open their doors again for visitors. Linked to this change in policy our partner Restaurant ‘t Fort has decided to start serving dinner three nights a week, next to their regular lunch.

Before the corona pandemic, the restaurant would only serve lunch for their guests. They consciously chose to only focus on lunch, because they would often host parties and events during the evening hours with their catering service ‘de Smaeck’. Since they are currently not yet allowed to run their evening catering service in the way they would like to, owners Radboud and Ubavka have decided to open their monumental restaurant during the evenings until further notice. They have developed a special menu and have arranged their space in such a way that they can safeguard the 1,5-meter distance between guests.

During the time the restaurant was not able to welcome guests, the owners have worked hard to refresh their already special venue. Since the fort is a UNESCO protected monument, owners Radboud and Ubavka were not allowed to make any structural adjustments to the layout of the restaurant. They did however redesign the interior of ‘t Fort with the help of a professional designer, while respecting the special character of this monumental building. Today, the building is also suited for business meetings and special outdoor events, as well as a restaurant. The team is looking forward to welcome and indulge you in this new, yet familiar atmosphere. Despite several tough months, owner Radboud has maintained his positive mindset and says he and his team are ready to welcome all their trusted and new guests!

Specific information about the venue